Where do we go from here?

Dont mourn, organize!

Dont mourn, organize!

What do we do now?

There will be a lot of soul searching going on over the next couple of weeks and months.  I was going to write about how we got here, but that information is readily available.  The liberal elites at the DNC and in the media have utterly failed America.  The DNC did everything in its power to make sure Bernie Sanders lost and Clinton won.  They forced her upon us, despite the fact that she would lose as many of us predicted.  Clinton couldn’t even beat Trump, and that is on her and the DNC.  So where do we go from here?

Trump winning the election is a disaster no doubt.  He is an authoritarian with fascist tendencies, and he now has the most right wing Congress we have seen in modern history.  This is going to be bad.  There is one bright spot that is being over looked though – people did not so much reject Clinton and the DNC as they did their policies.  This election was a referendum on neoliberalism and the “New Democratic” coalition that was created under Bill Clinton, which dragged the party to the right. 64% of Trump voters said they were voting against Clinton, not for Trump.  As seen in the graphic below, Trump did not receive more votes than either John McCain or Mitt Romney. Trump did not win, Clinton and neoliberalism lost. 


The New Democrats who forced Clinton upon us have gone down in flames.  The “Third Way” strategy of Bill Clinton and the New Democrats suffered a resounding defeat and must now be ousted.  The “Third Way” was a strategy created and used by Bill Clinton.  The third way focused on liberal social issues while catering to the business elites on economics.  It was conservatism wrapped in a liberal cloak.  Neoliberalism is an ideological stance that supports free trade, privatization, and deregulation of the markets – all things that the progressive base opposes.  This is why we got prison privatization, welfare “reform” that decimated the safety net, Wall Street deregulation, and free trade deals from Bill Clinton and the Democrats. You can read more about these terms and their meanings here. The first step is to acknowledge why the Democrats lost.  Neoliberalism is dead in the water, now is the time to rally and force these thieves out of the government from city councils on up. People are hungry for progressive change, not center right corporate sponsored politics of the Clintons. This is the era of economic progressivism and populism, and it is time to take power!

Time to Rebuild

Bernie Sanders and the progressive wing of the party are already making the push to oust the Neoliberals from the DNC.  There are petitions going around to nominate Keith Ellison, a true progressive, to the head of the party.  Please sign and share this petition here and call your Democratic representatives and tell them you will never vote for them, donate, or volunteer your time to the party again unless they support Ellison as chairman.  

Next, it is time to get involved.  Petitions and voting every four years are good, but not good enough.  Too many think we can just sit back and a hero will come to save the day.  There are no heroes, leaders are only as strong as the followers who support them.  In the coming weeks we will be putting out strategy documents and organizing people to run for local offices.  Please email us and let us know if you are interested in starting a local chapter, running for office, or supporting candidates in your area.  We believe that the best way to change the system is through the by building an organization independent of the political parties and then running as an insurgent candidate on the major parties ballot line.  You can read about this strategy here.  It is time for a progressive organization to infiltrate the DNC and RNC to take power from the neoliberals.  

Stay tuned people.  It’s going to be a bumpy road, but if we stick together we will be alright.